Check Out the Ford Fusion's Technology Features

The Ford Fusion is a popular mid-size sedan. It has a full-size complement of technology for you and your passengers to enjoy on every ride. One of those features you can make use of right away is its Sync Connect system. This proprietary technology works with your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Use it for hands-free access to your phone, music and navigation.

When you want to conserve fuel or simply cut down on the costs of commuting or traveling, make use of its Smart Gauge technology. It shows how your driving habits are affecting the car's fuel economy. 

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Stay Comfortable in the 2018 Ford C-MAX

Whether you're driving through cold environments or making your way in the middle of summer, you're going to need a vehicle that can keep you comfortable. The 2018 Ford C-MAX is a sought-after compact hybrid that has the technology to help you stay cozy in any weather condition.

To keep you cool, the C-MAX has dual-zone climate control. You'll have the opportunity to set different temperatures for the driver's seat and passenger side. Controls are conveniently located on the center console so that your passenger can make adjustments when they please. Also available is heated seating…

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Learn About the Top-Tier Tech Features Installed Inside the 2018 Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is ready to be the premier vehicle in the crossover world for the brand. This vehicle brings tech features like never before, packed inside a crossover vehicle with a lot of attitudes.

Alexa, which is Amazon’s virtual assistant, is now featured in the vehicle. Having this feature is the perfect addition to the FordPass that gives drivers exclusive access to reserve parking that can get paid for in advance, fuel prices for gas stations along your route, and remote start. The SYNC 3 infotainment system has a voice-activated technology with WIFI, Apple Carplay...

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Why the Ford Explorer Stays on Top of the Market

No matter where you live, you have probably come across one of the most popular SUVs ever sold on the market – the Ford Explorer. The Explorer has impressed customers for nearly three decades.

Ford increased several of the Explorer’s capabilities with this year’s model, and it has the automotive community buzzing. The Intelligent 4WD with Terrain Management System gives you more control over many types of road surfaces and allows you to shift with a turn of a dial to engage in a pre-programmed terrain setting. Also included in this system is Hill Descent Control.

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Ford Focus is Packed with Exciting Technology Features

Here are a couple reasons to show why the all-new Ford Focus continues to be a popular compact car you have to see to believe.

Driving on the highway with distracted drivers is more dangerous than ever. The Blind Spot Information System in the new Ford Focus will help keep you safer by detecting if another driver has moved into your blind spot and warning you not to move out of the lane just yet. Once the alert turns off, it is clear to make the lane change.

Driving in reverse in your Ford Focus is safer thanks to the…

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The 2018 Ford Expedition: Notable Interior Features That Come with the New Model

Are you shopping for a reliable full-size SUV? If you are, the 2018 Ford Expedition has much to offer. Not only does the new model offer a sleek exterior design, but it also offers a wide range of interior features that increase comfort. To learn more about the interior features that are included with the new model, please read further.

Your passengers can enjoy breathtaking views in the 2018 Expedition thanks to the available panoramic Vista Roof. This sunroof comes equipped with two panels that are located above the second and third row of seats.

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Ford Super Duty: Strength Where It Counts

Ford knows that you have work to do and it designed its Ford Super Duty truck to be able to handle the job. They managed to give you a tough truck that can deliver, while still managing to reduce its bodyweight. Ford invested their energy where it counts, creating one of the strongest and lightest Super Duty trucks on the market.

You might be wondering how Ford did this. They reduced the bodyweight by using high-strength, military-grade aluminum alloy for maximum strength at the lightest weight possible. This allowed them to put more into components such as the chassis, steering…

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The Ford F-150 Wins 2018 With Its Impressive List of Technology Features

The Ford F-150 has long been an industry leader and best seller. This is a decades old trend that stems from the F-150 having the best styling, safety, and comfort features available in addition to being the most rugged, capable, and reliable pickup truck on the market.

And in 2018 drivers will enjoy a long list of technology features and benefits as well that include...

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Which Warranty is Best for Your Needs?

Warranties are important for the protection of your vehicle. Whenever you get a new car, you should make sure that you are covered for the engine, transmission, electrical systems, and drivetrain at the very least. These are covered in powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties. However, your dealership may have different terms, so it's important to read the warranty and make sure that everything is covered before signing the dotted line.

Powertrain warranties cover your engine and transmission. These are the most expensive components to fix in your vehicle, so it's good to have...

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Ford Edge - Technology Making Driving Safer

Safety has always been important to Ford, and this can especially be found in the 2018 Ford Edge. This popular SUV offers exactly what drivers want and need – technology, capability, style, comfort and great performance. Stop in at Corning Ford and let us show you what the Ford Edge is all about.

Safety features have never been as abundant as in the Ford Edge. 

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