When looking for an electric pickup with increased storage capacity, the latest technology, and a respectable range that gives you the freedom to live your life as you want, the Ford F-150 Lightning is hands down the perfect vehicle for driving around Chico, CA and beyond.

Advanced Performance

The F-150 Lightning from Corning Ford provides an industry-respected 320-mile range while still delivering on speed. It goes from zero to sixty in just 4.5 seconds flat, putting it on par with many expensive luxury sports cars. Plus, it can carry a 2,000-pound payload while towing up to 10,000 pounds.

Robust Technology

Thanks to Ford BlueCruise technology, the F-150 Lightning lets you drive hands-free- without using your hands to steer- on 130,000 miles of highways around Tehama County and across North America! Also, when the truck is parked, the F-150 Lightning even offers 360-degree lighting for strapping up your off-road vehicles or tailgating at night. No key fob is needed to start the F-150 Lightning, either. Simply use your smartphone to lock/unlock, remotely start, and pre-warm / pre-cool the cabin.

Increased Safety

Thanks to its “frunk,” or front trunk, the F-150 Lightning provides an extra 14.1 cubic feet of storage: more than any competitor around Red Bluff. In the event of a collision, that same front trunk also acts to better insulate the vehicle from further damage in ways that gas engines cannot.

Add that to the F-150 Lightning’s new safety suite of features, dubbed “Ford Co-Pilot360”; the result is protection in all driving conditions. The Lane Keeping System prevents the truck from drifting into the side of your lane, while Pre-Collision Assist actively brakes the truck for you if a pedestrian walks out in front of the vehicle.

There are many more amazing features that the F-150 Lightning offers to drivers around Corning. To explore all of them yourself, take a test drive with the friendly F-150 Lightning experts at Corning Ford today.

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