If you want a rugged SUV that features an abundant amount of interior space and the latest safety and technology features, then consider the Ford Bronco. The SUV still has some of the classic details as the original version, but there have been enhancements made to keep you safer on the road and deliver a modern look from the headlights to the vehicle's rear. The round headlights are of the same style as the original Bronco and allow for plenty of light to illuminate the road at night in Corning.

Ready for Off-Road Adventures

A detail that you might enjoy if you like off-road adventures is that the doors can be removed from the Bronco. The vehicle also has an exceptional lift from the ground, allowing you to maneuver over even the roughest terrain in Tehama County. The 35-inch tires also lend a hand to driving on rough terrain while still maintaining precise traction when you're on highways and streets. You can choose from a two-door or four-door option, but the space inside the Bronco doesn't change much if you choose the four-door design.

Customize Your Ford Bronco

The roof is designed in a halo shape. This makes it easier to see the sky when you have the roof panel and doors removed. With rubberized floors, you can easily keep the interior of your Bronco clean with a simple wash. The upholstery in the vehicle is made of the same kind of material used in boats and other types of watercraft, making it easy to clean if you enjoy navigating muddy roads. Keep all of your accessories secure in your Bronco by placing them on the mounting bar. There is also a USB port so that you can keep your mobile devices charged around Red Bluff.

Visit Corning Ford to Learn More

From the six-speed manual transmission to the 4x4 option that's available from Corning Ford, you'll enjoy driving this iconic SUV on any road around Chico, CA. We encourage you to visit our dealership to take this vehicle for a test drive. We look forward to working with you soon!

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