The Transit is preferred by families and organizations for the wagon's spacious interior. Upgrades included on the newest models enhance the vehicle's capability. We have the new Transits at our Corning Ford facility. Stop by. Take a look. Enjoy a test drive.

The seven-passenger wagon offers plenty of leg and headroom. Maybe choose a Transit with a shorter wheelbase for five passengers. Regardless of the wagon's length, the overall compact style of the vehicle makes it easy to maneuver. Despite the high profile of the Transit, the stability technology ensures that the driver remains in control. Whether hit by a side wind or traveling over slippery roads, sensors help keep the ultimate traction and control.

The wagon also offers fuel economy. A model having a 2.0-liter engine uses unleaded gasoline or the more cost-effective E85 fuel. A wagon equipped with the 1.5-liter diesel engine function using any blend of biodiesel and petroleum. The fuel types burn cleaner.



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